Potekhin responded to Kushanashvili’s criticism

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The infamous journalist told about how at the concerts of the group “Hands up!” cardboard musical instruments were used.

Photo source: Yandex pictures

Alexei Potekhin decided to respond to the accusations of Otar Kushanashvili, who told an entertaining story from the life of the group “Hands up!”. And if, according to Otar, members of the once popular band used fake musical instruments at their concerts, Potekhin claims that the scandalous journalist in those days was well “ignited”. As Rambler quotes Alexei’s words. News, he always considered Otar a kind of storyteller, a man of mood, which is sometimes very exciting.

Photo source: Yandex pictures

Apparently, the former soloist of the popular group does not hold a grudge against the words of a journalist known for his harsh remarks. To somehow smooth over the situation, Alexei told a story from the past. As Potekhin shared, the most memorable moment from their common past was Otar’s jump into the crowd of fans. People parted, and he fell to the floor, hitting his head hard on the concrete.

Photo source: Yandex pictures

Recall group “Hands up!” appeared on the music scene in the 90s. The band’s first album was “Breathe Evenly”, released in 1997.

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