Posner, who did Pugachev, called the real reason for his disappearance from TV

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The TV presenter did not appear on the First Channel for a long time with the author’s program.

Vladimir Posner voiced the real reason for the absence of his author’s program in the broadcasting network of the First Channel. At the end of February, almost all entertainment shows disappeared from TV. Missing is Posner, known for his in-depth interviews with celebrities.

For a long time, the fate of “Posner” remained unknown, but the journalist himself got in touch with the Telegram and explained when his brainchild will return to the audience.

“Since February 24, the First Channel has become an information channel and will remain so until better times. During this time, some programs will not be aired, including mine. This is the position of the management of the First Channel “, – stated journalist in the messenger.

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