Popular actors who were resurrected thanks to the power of special effects

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With the development of technology, the art of cinema has developed and explored previously unattainable things. Thanks to CGI technology, movies have become impossible to show on the screen.

CGI (English-computer-generated imagery, literally – “computer-generated images”) – still and moving images generated by three-dimensional computer graphics and used in fine arts, printing, cinematic special effects.

Hollywood created dinosaurs, aliens, robots with the help of CGI, but did not stop there. Large budget blockbusters are now being filmed in the room and finally created on the editing table. With the help of CGI, the industry was able to “resurrect” several dead actors. Here is a list of actors who have been brought back to life by CGI.

Marlon Brando

In 1978, Marlon Brando played the role of Jor-El. His play made a huge impression on the film’s creators and fans. The impression was so profound that the creators returned it for the pseudo-sequel in 2006. In the movie. Brando appears in “Fortress of Loneliness” as the conscience of Superman, when the hero was looking for his place in the world. It happened two years after the actor’s death.

Lawrence Olivier

Celestial Captain and the World of Tomorrow was the first film to feature a fully CGI-generated setting. It was a passionate project by Kerry Conran, which took years to develop. British actor Lawrence Olivier appeared in a hologram at the end of the film. This happened decades after the actor’s death.

Fred Aster

A decade after Hollywood left the famous Fred Astaire in the past, the actor appeared in the Super Bowl XXXI commercial. In the commercial, the actor danced with a vacuum cleaner instead of his partner Ginger Rogers. Aster’s daughter gave permission to create his computer double for the dance with Dirt Devil. The advertisement was a great success at the start. The audience was delighted to see on their screens the famous dance created with the help of CGI.

Paul Walker

“Fast and Furious” star Paul Walker, unfortunately, tragically died in a car accident in the midst of filming “Fast and Furious 7”. Although half of the film has already been shot, many important scenes have not yet been completed. The film was completed using 350 CGI images of the actor. The film used several distant shots of the actor’s brothers, who were his twins in the scenes that complete the image of the hero.

Brandon Lee

One of the most horrific deaths on the set of Hollywood was the death of Brandon Lee. The actor died tragically when a prop pistol fired a plug. He worked on the film adaptation of Alex Proyes’ comic book “The Crow”. With the permission of the actor’s family, the film was completed using a stunt double as a replacement for the actor and CGI effects.

Roy Scheider

Known for his roles in films such as The French Connector and Jaws, Roy Scheider died during the filming of The Iron Cross. He died of complications caused by multiple myeloma. Important scenes from the film still remained. Joshua Newton, the film’s creator, decided to shoot the remaining scenes using a latex mask and CGI to complete the actor’s latest project.

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