Poor girl! Valya Carnival found herself in a love triangle with Sasha Stone

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The blogger’s correspondence with his girlfriend was published on the Internet.

Valya Carnival. Photo: social networks

Valya Carnival and Sasha Stone became close during the recording of the TNT show “Stars in Africa”. Back in the project, the blogger and athlete admitted that he had feelings for ticking. And when she was a candidate for relegation, he no doubt said he would follow her.

Now, already in Moscow, the participants of the TV experiment for survival do not hide that they are meeting. At the same time, interesting facts about Sasha Stone were revealed. It turned out that while still on the project in Limpopo, confessing to the cameras in the “butterflies in the stomach” in relation to Vale Carnivalhe simultaneously wrote fiery messages to his girlfriend Valeria.

At the moment, she decided to make these messages public and published them on the Internet.

“I love you madly,” he wrote to her Stone.

Valeria asked Valya to be careful with her now ex-boyfriend.

Sasha Stone’s correspondence with his ex-girlfriend during the project. Photo:

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