Podolsk in a fuchsia coat came with her son to church with a basket of eggs

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Vladimir Presnyakov’s wife showed how she spent the morning before Easter.

Natalia Podolskaya. Photo: social networks of the singer

Natalia Podolskaya is a graduate of Star Factory. She was able to build a successful career as a singer. Moreover, it combines work and motherhood. The actress is happily married to Vladimir Presnyakov.

Sometimes they perform together on stage. It is noteworthy that the couple has sons: six-year-old son Artemiy and baby Ivan, which is one and a half years. Boys are the main joy of spouses.

Recently Podolskaya showed how to deal with children walks around the villagewhere he lives. The singer also loves to cook. The other day she painted eggs for Easter. And on April 23 from the tour the artist went to the temple to consecrate the cake and eggs.

She was accompanied by a senior heir. She showed how the whole ceremony went. Natalia appeared in a fuchsia coat, fashionable loafers with a thick sole and a scarf. She was imprinted with the heir and his friend.

“With friends,” she wrote.

Fans admired the appearance of Presnyakov’s wife. Many praised her for raising children. “Oh, how beautiful”, “Son is already big”, “Cool”, “How many eggs do you have”, “Such beauty”, “Didn’t you take Ivan with you?”, “It’s very nice to see you in such places”, ” How luxurious you look “,” Incomparable “,” This morning, everything is so beautiful “, – the subscribers commented on the post.

Natalia Podolskaya with her son. Photo: social networks of the singer

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