Played a fatal role? Why Balabanov blamed himself for Bodrov’s death

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The director’s ex-wife made revelations.

The death of Sergei Bodrov in 2002 was a terrible blow to the whole country, but the worst tragedy was Alexei Balabanov. First, the actor was a close friend of his, and secondly, the director rebuked himself for his death.

His ex-wife Irina told about it. She recalled that Balabanov treated Bodrov like a younger brother, helping him with creative projects and rejoicing in his success.

He suggested Sergei a place to shoot the film “Connected”, sending him to the Karmadon Gorge, where the Colca Glacier descended on September 20, which destroyed the entire film crew.

“Now his pain was exacerbated by guilt: I would not advise to go to the damn gorge, Sergei and the guys would stay alive,” – said Irina.

In an interview “A caravan of storiesShe confessed that she did not support her husband at that terrible time, because of which they separated and stopped communicating for many years.

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