“Play to create”: SM Entertainment establishes cooperation with Binance cryptocurrency trading platform

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SM Brand Marketing, a subsidiary of SM Entertainment, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Binance cryptocurrency exchange platform in hopes of participating in NFT, blockchain technology, etc.

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This step of the company will mark the beginning of a new cultural slogan of small and medium business “Play to create“Or” P2C (“Play to Create”) is a term first introduced by the producer Lee Su Man. The concept revolves around the Metaverse platform, where users can recreate content such as games, music, dancing, merchandise and more, using platform-exclusive tools and intellectual property rights.

Through a partnership with Binance, SM Entertainment seeks to create an environment in which users around the world are free to participate in the creation of content using intellectual property. A SM Brand Marketing spokesman said: “The ecosystem created by the P2C concept will unite fans, artists and companies and lead to innovations in secondary creations distributed in the K-Pop community. Content that previously only existed in hidden communities will be distributed, expanding the K-Pop industry. ”

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment also partnered with Binance earlier this year.

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