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Those born in April are characterized by materialism and courage. These qualities allow them to build a dizzying career, but in the process of construction, April may forget about tact and delicacy.

Aries. Enjoy harmony and romance. Now it is better to save than to spend.

Taurus. For Taurus, love and work in April 2022 are closely intertwined. Charming Venus and passionate Mars go through your career home together, so professional affairs will have a noticeable impact on your personal life.

The twins. The twins in April will feel “on horseback” in everything they undertake. The work will be pleasing, and the financial situation in 2022 will finally find stability. In love with Gemini, the horoscope for April advises you to learn to listen, not dictate your rules.

Cancer. Be prepared to give honest answers to direct questions.

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Lion. April is not the best month for new professional endeavors, but it is quite favorable for solving current family problems. If you are in a quarrel with someone in your family, then in April you will have the opportunity to restore the damaged relationship.

Virgo. In April, Virgos will take care of their home, family and upcoming vacation in the first place. But these worries will be very pleasant and will not be a hassle. Virgos should not go on a leash with loved ones who are tempted to buy expensive.

Libra. Libra will experience significant improvements in all spheres of life and will receive many reasons for joy. Relationships with family and friends, as well as colleagues will be established. The financial sphere will also please.

Scorpio. In April, Scorpios expect success in many matters. The baggage of knowledge and professional experience will help them achieve their cherished goals. You should not conflict with colleagues, so as not to undermine your authority.

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Sagittarius. Sagittarians are advised to worry less and worry throughout April. The fact is that the emotional background for you will be extremely unstable, and you should be sad for no reason, you can immediately fall to the bottom of depression.

Capricorn. For Capricorn women, the planetary aspects of April will be twofold. On the one hand, they will distract from personal problems. On the other hand, they will bring real satisfaction that can only be compared to a new confession of love.

Aquarius. Urgent business trips, responsible assignments and, of course, well-deserved honors will take a month.

Fish. Pisces will become especially sensitive and will be able to rely on intuition in everything they do. Under the influence of the astrological situation, your sixth sense will be developed so that you can predict the development of upcoming events.

Astrologer: Waldemar Nebokhodtsev

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