Pirate screening of the movie “Batman” took place in Ekaterinburg shopping center “Greenwich”, April 23, 2022 |

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The Urals admit that there is a lack of cinema. And the fact that the sanctions affected the cultural sphere is considered wrong.

– I think it’s bad, because the modern world must be global, the borders are conditional. I’m not a big fan of “Batman”, but I haven’t been to the movies for a long time, I missed it, – said Yuri from Ekaterinburg.

Others found the “underground” show amusing and came to see what would happen. Ekaterinburg resident Anastasia is sure that even if cinemas are closed, Russians will find a way to buy or download movies somewhere.

– Cool movie, cool in general, very happy that you can finally see. But The Dark Knight is better. According to the voice acting, it was initially heard that another voice was speaking in the background, – Anastasia thinks.

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