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On the evening of April 7, the cult British band Pink Floyd released their first new song since 1994. The single, written in support of Ukrainians, is called Hey Hey Rise Up – a translation into English of the last line of the Ukrainian song “Red Viburnum”. The original song itself is composed by Pink Floyd performed by Boombox soloist Andrei Khlyvnyuk. He sang it unaccompanied in the middle of the empty Sofia Square in Kiev and posted the video on the Internet.

Bassist Guy Pratt (played with the band in 1987-1995 and 2014) and Nitin Sony on keyboards joined David Gilmore and Nick Mason in the track.

On the Pink Floyd website, the news dedicated to the release of the song reminds that David Gilmore’s daughter-in-law and grandchildren are Ukrainians. David had known about Boombox before: the band had to perform with him in one concert a few years ago. Recently, the Briton learned that the soloist of the Ukrainian band, leaving the tour, returned home and joined the army. When he heard him singing in the square near the church, he realized that he wanted to put it to music.

Two musicians discussed the creation of the track: Khlyvnyuk was injured and, while in hospital, he and Gilmore talked on the phone, and the leader of Pink Floyd played him part of the song. The Ukrainian singer approved of what he heard.

David Gilmore explained that the recording of the track expresses support for Ukraine and wants to raise money for humanitarian charities. The cover of the recording depicts a sunflower.

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