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Megan Markle gave a show of performance, humiliating Kate Middleton. The scandal in the royal family does not subside.

The wives of British princes have long since stopped getting along, and although these ladies try to communicate in public, this does not change the situation. When Megan Markle settled in the palace, Kate Middleton lost her temper. The hidden enmity of two cunning powerful women turns into a planned and obvious rivalry. Even at a distance, they manage to hurt each other.

Recently, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge failed miserably during a trip to the Caribbean. They set the task of strengthening diplomatic ties, but the locals did not accept them warmly. The royal couple was hastily escorted out with protests and public outrage.

The Duchess of Sussex, also known as Megan Markle, refrained from moral support. Moreover, the brunette could not miss the opportunity to spit on her disappointed rival. She spoke sarcastically like a stone in Kate Middleton’s garden.

The failure of her cousin during the journey of Prince Harry’s husband was considered karma, that is, conditionally speaking, a punishment from above. Meanwhile, remembered as Kate Middleton brought Megan Markle to tearswhen she was pregnant. Apparently, now the Duchess of Sussex wants to believe that her rival will get credit for all the insults.


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