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Separately, the celebrity wrote a lot about the mothers who were in the basements, about the children. Suddenly, Anna closed public access to her Instagram profile and disappeared.

After a while, she shared a link to her Telegram channel and invited her subscribers there.

On March 11, the singer wrote: “Gradually I am coming to my senses. I will be soon.”

“I remember how upset I was when I cut 20 cm of my hair on February 22, when I asked to straighten my ends. I was really sad. How stupid the sadness was. And how happy we were then. With my little sorrows,” Anna thought in public. .

Finally, Sedokova broke the silence and talked to her followers about what was happening:

“Yesterday was a disgusting evening. In general, not all the last days. But yesterday I realized that I no longer want to” freeze “. I also do not want to run and beat. But the main thing was to get out of this state of stupor and fear of talking.”

Anna told herself that was enough, put on a black bodysuit, painted her lips with scarlet lipstick, got in the car, turned on the music she wanted to listen to herself, and pressed the gas.

This morning I decided to break the silence. And in the evening I learned about the blockade (about blocking Instagram. – Ed.). Magic? Dude? I do not know. But I know for sure that I am ready to start a new life! And I’m not going to “freeze” , – Sedokova declared.

Then she continued to tell fans how she decided to get out of this situation. Judging by the story, Anna is not in Russia, but with her children and husband, Latvian basketball player Janis Timma, in Florida.

“The one who manages to adapt better will survive,” the singer said.

She invited subscribers to understand and accept that “as before” will not be.

“And the sooner you realize this, the easier it will be. You shouldn’t cling to the past like grandmothers to communism. It’s worth building a new future,” Sedokova said.

and offered to explore new markets. Look around: “The world is big, and it’s not hostile everywhere. It’s like thinking that all men are goats. And constantly meet them on the way. You’ve received several new proposals in just these few days. Don’t reject them. Write them down on a piece of paper. and analyze the pros and cons.

Anna advised not to panic. She noted that now is the time to understand what your true value is. For example, she can “get to her feet in the most difficult situations.” Also, according to the star, it is very important to do something new. In addition, you should remember the traditions and not drive yourself into depression.

Obviously, the singer decided to follow her advice and explore new markets. It will be recalled that in Russia the actress had an online store of her brand LaStory with an office and production in Moscow. What will happen to them is currently unknown. Apparently, the celebrity decided to promote their products through the Telegram channel:

“On Monday I will be handing out gifts from the new LaStory collection and lifting your spirits. I’ll open the comments and be closer. In the meantime, I realized that most of all I want to distract myself from simple household items. Yesterday we just went to a big store and sincerely enjoyed it. I bought a hair dryer and a curling iron. A good start to a new life. At least you need to start with something… But then it rained, “Sedokova wrote under a photo and video with her husband and son.

In addition, Anna wrote in a story that she bought a toy sports car to put in a new home, wherever he was: “I bought myself a motivation. I’ll put myself on the shelf in a new home. Wherever he is.”

Janis Timma did not make any statements about the war in Ukraine. He just changed the profile photo on Instagram to a black square.


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