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Anna Sedokova posted a candid photo taken in front of a mirror. The picture clearly shows that the star’s body is covered with red spots.

“Someday I’ll delete this photo with the words ‘now it’s over.’ I could add ‘now I’m happy,’ but that’s unlikely. – Sedokova wrote.

The singer noted that if you wait, “the right moment may not come”, and “the ideal woman can not meet”, but this is life.

“I’m one of those who denies acceptance. I’m one of those who keeps crawling when you can’t walk. But maybe the word ‘acceptance’ isn’t flat. It’s multifaceted.” […] And now I accept what is happening to me, “Anna admitted.

Sedokova noted that she never thought she would put this photo up in public.

“Public recognition is also acceptance. Yes, I am. Yes, I am a leopard. But I will learn to live with it, not hating my body, but accepting. Thank you for listening. It was my coming out. And probably for the first time for a long time I have been writing this post not for you, but for myself, “the artist summed up.


We will remind, Anna Sedokova together with the son Hector and the daughter Alina is now in Miami. Due to stress, the celebrity has exacerbated chronic urticaria, which she suffers from for many years. She had redness all over her body. Every day the star is forced to take many drugs.

Earlier in the story, she admitted that she had to pre-order a very expensive drug, an injection of which costs 1.2 thousand in the United States. dollars. But Anna understands that cheaper analogues do not help her.

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