“Phenomena of the present and the future” – the first book by Alexei Korolyuk, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of REG.RU

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The book “Phenomena of the present and the future” was published Alexey Korolyuk. The author is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder of a hosting provider and domain registrar REG.RUventure and professional investor in securities.

The book presents all the accumulated knowledge and thoughts Alexey Korolyuk on the impact of technology on human development. “Phenomena of the present and the future” is a guide for all who want to navigate in a rapidly changing world. In his essays, the author offers to reflect and find your own vector of development for life, career, business.

The book is a collection of reflections on the future, where each essay describes one of the most intriguing contemporary phenomena and how it may affect the future:

  • Internet of People and neurointerfaces;
  • neural networks and artificial intelligence;
  • digital exile;
  • dependence on gadgets and technologies;
  • fake news and digital duplicates;
  • robotics of all spheres and others.

The book has already received positive reviews from industry and the business community.

“Alexei’s book is an encyclopedia of the modern world, technological trends, socio-cultural changes taking place in our society. It covers the main areas of life, allows you to look beyond the horizon of events and phenomena that will happen to humanity in the distant or not so distant future. The book is important and useful for all those who want to understand the current state of technology and solutions, emerging trends and the fundamental preconditions that determine them, “he said. Vladimir Volobuevtechnology entrepreneur, co-founder and director of MyGenetics.

You can get the book for free in electronic format on the landing:

Alexey Korolyuk – serial entrepreneur, and co-founder of a hosting provider and domain registrar REG.RU, venture and professional investor in securities. Authoritative expert of the largest mass media of Russia, speaker of branch actions, participant of legislative processes, expert of committee State Duma on information policy, information technology and communications. Promoter Data science and AIresearcher of futuristic ideas.

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