Pevtsov explained why he wanted to remove Malakhov from the show

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Well-known actor and State Duma deputy Dmitry Pevtsov has stated that he wants to remove Malakhov’s “Live” show from the air. He explained his dislike of the program.

Pevtsov believes that it is necessary to remove Andrei Malakhov’s program “Live” and other similar programs from the broadcasting network. According to the actor, such shows only corrupt the viewer, while the true purpose of television is to educate him.

This kind of transmission does not give people anything but base passions, idle curiosity and false arrogance. Nothing but debilitating the brains and destroying the God-given human soul,

the artist remarked.

It should be noted that Malakhov’s broadcasts have been criticized in the past. In particular, his show “Let’s Talk”, which was built entirely on scandals. At the same time, many believe that most of the scandals that take place in Malakhov’s studio are staged.

In early March against Malakhov’s broadcasts spoke famous Russian writer and publicist Dmitry Lekukh. He said that the TV presenter is a brilliant professional, but the ideology of his programs raises questions. For example, Lekukha did not like the fact that Malakhov invited such odious personalities as Maria Maksakova.

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