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Vera Sotnikova shared her failure – the actress was late for the plane.

Many of those who have encountered the coronavirus face to face have noticed that the story does not end after recovery. Sometimes the effects of covid were much worse than the virus itself. So, some began to lose memory, and some even lost their hair.

The day before, people lost Vera Sotnikova because of the kovid – the actress could not get on the plane, and therefore the passengers never saw the famous actress. “How long have you been late for the plane?” The star asked the followers of her microblog. The actress herself is puzzled by how it happened that she was late for her flight. According to her, she confused the time of departure with the time of arrival and arrived at the airport at the wrong time. According to her, the reason for such inattention may be the consequences of the coronavirus. “I lost vigilance,” the star concluded.

However, a surprise awaited the woman upon arrival. She was housed in a real mansion, which is striking in its size. Sotnikova enthusiastically announced this on her Instagram. “What is it, good luck? After all, when I arrived on the night of the 18th, the girls would have just accommodated me in a booked room. And so … but you feel the difference, right?”, – the actress shared with fans.

Fans immediately began to wish the actress a good rest. “Have a wonderful, healthy holiday!”, “Great holiday, Vera! The Caucasus heals everything, soul and body”, “Vera Mikhailovna, have a nice holiday!”, – wrote the fans.


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