Pelageya’s appearance on stage turned to embarrassment

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The singer fell victim to a joke by her band.

Colleagues Pelagei played it during a performance in Surgut. The official Telegram channel of the artist and her band shared the relevant video.

According to the musicians, in the very finale of the concert Pelagee was served a bottle of hot alcoholic beverage instead of ordinary water. Unsuspecting, the actress drank almost completely of the container, and then, choking, looked at her colleagues in amazement. As it turned out, such a draw, which could end in a scandal, is a common practice within the group: to relieve tension during the tour, they try to amuse each other with such pranks.

Web users split into two camps, discussing the embarrassment of the celebrity. Some praised the musicians for their sense of humor, while others condemned the artists, as they thought it could ruin the show.

“At that moment, when Paula took a sip from the bottle, it became clear that there was no water!”

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