Pegova’s house caused a daze: “It’s a shame to show this”

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Fans of the actress were indignant.

Irina Pegova invited host Natalia Barbie, who agreed to make new renovations in her house. The actress shared that she has not changed anything in the purchased home, although she is annoyed by the brick wall and the lack of light due to the dark colors in the design.

Barbier assured that she would take into account everything Irina said, but the end result did not please either the actress herself or her fans, who expressed their indignation:

“It must be so dirty everything! How is that possible? It is clear that almost nothing has been done. Pillows piled up, probably the designer in it all! How conscientious, but just ashamed to show it! Poor Ira.

Pegova's house caused a daze:

Viewers blamed Barbie and her show “Perfect repair»That the design of the house did not become brighter, as Pegova wanted, and the brick wall remained in place. Irina’s mother also noted this:

“I was expecting to see plaster. They haven’t finished it. “

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