Pegova finally proved herself on a hunger strike

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The actress admitted that she was very complex because of her figure.

Now Irina Pegova is calm about being overweight, and before she struggled with them, crossing all the boundaries of reason. Since her student years, the actress has tried all sorts of diets that almost undermined her health.

“Extreme starvation, when you sit in the same water for seven days and lie in a cool bath for half an hour a day to tighten your skin. Another time I drank only kefir for a week, ”Pegova recalled.

Such methods were financially advantageous, but not for Irina’s well-being. She was kept in custody throughout her pregnancy and was worried about the three extra pounds she lost after giving birth.

Only with age did the actress realize that complexes poison her life. In a conversation with the publication “7Days“, Pegova noted that she learned to accept herself as she is, and left the constant struggle for the perfect figure in the past.

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