Pavel Yakubovsky Museum in Novosibirsk: the first artist of the city. April 8, 2022 | NGS

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According to Gaponov, the entire exhibition can be estimated at about $ 1 million. Although now, the expert said, the art market is very unstable. The most expensive exhibit, the man noted, can be considered the painting “Altai Landscape”, painted in 1915 by the famous Siberian artist Choros Gurkin. He was a contemporary of Yakubovsky, and, perhaps, those whose paintings inspired the young then novice Novonikolaev artist. This picture today can be estimated within 5 million rubles.

While the museum of Pavel Yakubovsky works in a special mode: guests of the city, VIP-persons, art critics and other experts in the field of art will be invited here. It is possible that in the future the doors of the museum will open for regular group tours.

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