Pavel Popov spoke about Igor Kostolevsky’s workaholism

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On The first channel the series continues to be shown “Silver Wolf” with participation Igor Kostolevsky. His character’s partner, the experienced scout Alexander Volkov, was played by a young actor Pavel Popov. His hero – Captain Igor Kamorin – is fond of gadgets and new technologies, while Volkov is a supporter of traditions and the old school of intelligence. Discrepancy of views affects the relationship between the two generations.

Pavel Popov is only 30, but he is already a leading actor of the theater. Vakhtangova. Viewers also know him for his vivid images in the movies – the series “Penguins of my mother” and “Hotel Eleon”. However, the role in the project of the First Channel “Silver Wolf” is also on the special account of the artist, who gave a short interview to

“We continue to communicate with Igor Kostolevsky after the end of filming”

– Pavel, your hero is a non-standard FSB officer. On the one hand, he is a major, and on the other, a “man of the system.” What personally attracted you to this role?

-Although it is an image of itself and it does not have any pronounced character, but in this role, oddly enough, I really liked the selfishness of my hero (Captain Camorin). Superficially, from the outside he may even be perceived as a negative character.

And the reason for this is not trivial: Camorin is an absolute fan of his profession, he always seems to know “right” and does not accept any third-party options. That is why he is irritated when an old-school intelligence officer is appointed as his consultant. It is the ego of my hero that gives rise to the conflict with an experienced employee, played by Igor Matveevich Kostolevsky. As an actor, I really enjoyed revealing and showing it.

– How did you work with such a venerable actor? Were there any professional grinds?

– Igor Matveevich is an amazing actor and a wonderful partner, so we can talk about him for a long time. From time to time he advised me to do professional cool things, but he did it very delicately – as if he recommended something and immediately refused: “Pash-Pash, well, I do not climb, you know how to do everything and do everything perfectly.” Surprisingly, it is in this scheme that you begin to listen and really understand how it enriches the scene, the role, the work.

A scene from the series “Silver Wolf”. Photo: First Channel

– What surprised you first of all in Igor Kostolevsky?

– Then I will share my first impression of Igor Matveevich. Before filming the scene, the director invites the actors to a special car to read together the dialogues of the filmed episode, rehearse and explain how he sees it. Before shooting, each artist is given a “sample” – the printed text of a specific scene. And so I come to this car with my printout of the script and look at Igor Matveevich, who has the same A4 sheets in his hands.

But with an important correction – his sheets are not filled with printed text, but it is rewritten with a pen, the hand of the actor himself. And it made me feel more sincere: “Wow!”. This is really a very cool example of an old wonderful acting school. Igor Matveevich plays the main role in “Silver Wolf”, he is busy in almost all scenes of the film, and sometimes we could have six shifts in a row (count six days in a row)… And after each day of filming, he sat down and rewrote the text of his hero by hand separately…

– Full involvement in the role…

– Yes, it is immediately clear how important this job is to him, and how professional he is. It struck me, inspired me, as well as aroused great respect. We continue to communicate with Igor Matveevich even after the end of filming, which is not so often in the acting community. Recently he came to me for the premiere of “War and Peace” at the theater. Vakhtangov, we call, congratulate each other on the holidays, exchange views on various occasions.

“You don’t need to be afraid of pressure, because diamonds form under it”

– By the way, your hero is also distinguished by his friendship with sports. In the frame you can see Camorin with a barbell, he rides a motorcycle perfectly. Is it close to you in everyday life?

– I love sports. I played basketball as a child and still watch NBA games. With his wife (actress Elena Polyanskaya) we periodically attend Euroleague games at CSKA Arena, we also go to hockey. I myself go to a fitness club, but I do not work with iron, and I focus on working with weight: horizontal bar, bars and so on… In addition, I like to run. Recently, let’s say I decided to watch all the movies with me Daniel Day-Lewis and did it while training on the treadmill.

– I wonder if you have time to read something other than scripts and plays?

“Of course.” At the moment, this is Robert Covey’s “Seven Skills of Highly Effective People.” A book about your principles, about how to get to know yourself better.

Pavel Popov in the TV series
Pavel Popov in the TV series “Silver Wolf”. Photo: First Channel

– A bit of an amazing choice of reading material for a creative person or not?

– Roughly speaking, it’s about existing in the moment. For example, you have finished some work and are happy that something has happened to you, and at the same time you are a little devastated. You think what to choose next, and the choice should be based on your personal principles. And to determine these principles, you need to dig into yourself…

To simplify, I will give an example from this book. For example, to start something new – you need to present the ultimate goal, and to understand this ultimate goal Covey offers to do a certain exercise: sit alone in a room where nothing disturbs or distracts you, and present your own funeral, which is about you something a family member, your colleague, your friend and a community member will say (if you go to church). It gives an understanding of your own impressions of yourself, what you want to see for yourself in the end before making a new decision for yourself.

– And if you go back to the past? Apart from acting, what other hobbies could you highlight?

– I paint with acrylic. During the pandemic, my wife became interested in cooking, specifically sweets, and I became interested in painting. As a result, we hung five paintings at home, and two I gave to friends.

– After all such different creative confessions, I wonder how you could describe yourself now?

– I came across an aphorism I saw recently, it is no longer about a characteristic, but as a wish to myself: “You do not need to be afraid of pressure, because it is under pressure that diamonds are formed.”

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