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“Pavel Durov! Help! “: Buzova’s appearance without Photoshop in Telegram scared away fleeing subscribers

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Buzova asked Durov to improve Telegram filters.

After the blocking of Instagram in Russia (recognized as extremist, banned in Russia), many show business stars switched to communicating with subscribers in Telegram.

However, due to the fact that they were not active, the number of subscribers leaves much to be desired.

Unsurprisingly, the same situation occurs with Russia’s most popular girl Olga Buzova. After all, compared to 23 million subscribers, she now does not have 800,000 followers in Telegram.

Moreover, in recent days, this number is not growing, but rather falling.

In just one day, the former star of “House 2” lost more than 5,000 subscribers. Note that the day before she had 802 thousand, and now 797 thousand.

And if the small number of subscribers to Telegram is due to the lack of cheating bots, then because of the lack of filters and masks, Olga is simply indignant.

Moreover, she even published a post calling for an end to the harassment against the background of her appearance.

According to Buzova, she has never positioned herself as the “First Beauty”, but she certainly does not belong to the terrible ones.

As proof, she published a photo with filters and without makeup.

To all critics of her appearance, she promised a ban.

Perhaps these five thousand outflows are those zealous fans to roughly discuss the appearance of Olga without filters.

This is really a problem for Buzova, as she is used to publishing Storys either after processing in the program or with masks, and Telegram does not have such a luxury.

Against this background, she turned to the developer of the social network Pavel Durov, asking him to supplement the social network with masks, filters and other helpers for beauty.

“Pavel Durov! Help! ”Olga wrote under the video.

And while Buzova is promoting Telegram as a new platform for earnings, then “Paparazzi” shared a photo that clearly shows the floating figure of a star TV presenter.

Some even suggested that after watching Buzov without Photoshop, many simply unsubscribed from it because of the striking difference between reality and the published “picture”.

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