Paul McCartney lost millions of dollars selling his penthouse

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British musician Paul McCartney lost millions of dollars selling his penthouse. Buying it in 2015, the former member of The Beatles spent $ 15.5 million. While the sale managed to raise only 8.5 million. It turns out that he lost almost half of the amount he paid for the object, he said Architectural Digest.

Note that the house is on Fifth Avenue. This is one of the most expensive streets in downtown New York. At the time he and his wife Nancy Shevell were buying the property, there were 10 rooms inside, but then the couple embarked on a major renovation. However, it has not been completed, so future owners will have to work hard on the house before moving. That’s why Paul McCartney made a big discount.

By the way, this is not the first time the musician has put this object up for sale. In 2021, he first began searching for a new owner for the penthouse. McCartney then asked for $ 12 million for the property, but never found a buyer.

Earlier it was reported that Paul McCartney has released a new McCartney III album, which he recorded during quarantine. He dedicated it to the 50th anniversary of his first solo release, McCartney I. Sir recorded at his estate in Scotland, where he has an instrument studio. The musician can play various instruments in addition to guitar: bass, drums, synthesizer, harpsichord and even percussion.

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