“Patriot” Ivan Urgant urgently sells luxury real estate in Russia –

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Apparently, the TV presenter wants to leave his homeland forever

Fatherland Ivan Urgant, who in the first days of the special operation in Ukraine condemned the actions of the Russian authorities, after returning from Israel urgently put up for sale a house near Moscow in “Gorki-10” and an apartment in Moscow City. The presenter has even held several talks on the sale, according to the Cheka-OGPU, according to the TV presenter’s father Andrey Urganthis son faced harassment after leaving Russia.

“Is it forbidden for us?” Today, everyone, if he has the opportunity and desire, can get a passport of any country. “ – says Andrey Urgant.

It is known that Urgant has had Israeli citizenship since 2018, and during his March trip he was working on documents for citizenship of his wife and children. At the same time, Urgant’s family is concerned about finding housing abroad. In Georgia, Urgant inspected an apartment in Tbilisi (140 square meters).

Earlier, Readovka reported that Yana Poplavskaya harshly criticized Ivan Urgant. Yana Poplavskaya harshly criticized Ivan UrgantThis is due to the departure of the showman from Russia

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