“Papino selfie” from BTS – a few simple tips

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Fans know about endless talents BTS on stage… but how well do you know their “daddy selfie” skills? Recently, the guys proved that they have everything they need to become their fathers and take the funniest photos!

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They noted the importance of taking selfies and answering video calls from a low angle to create a fun look, as most fathers do.

Then, when taking group photos, make sure everyone else in your photo is slightly cropped!

You get bonus points for adding a clichéd phrase to which participants choose a literal Korean translation of their song “Life Goes On”.

Finally, don’t forget to add “« “whenever you have the opportunity!

For an advanced “daddy selfie”, do not wipe the phone lens to make it as blurry as possible.

Jay-Hope decided to put his signature directly over his face.

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