Pak So Joon flew to Hungary to shoot new film “Dream”

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Pak So Jun was released from quarantine and went to Hungary to shoot the film “Dream”. The actor was previously diagnosed with COVID-19, but now he has fully recovered and continues his planned activities.

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March 3 agency Pak So June Awesome ENT stated: This morning, Pak Soo Jong left for Hungary to shoot the film Dream. After being released from quarantine last week, he fully recovered, so the shooting is unlikely to be disrupted. Just in case, we will work hard to take care of his health and safe shooting. There may be changes depending on the local situation, but he plans to return to Korea after the end of filming in March. “

The actors and the film crew have already traveled to Hungary on different teams, and Pak So Junwho recently quarantined, was joined by one of the last participants.

Director Lee Byeon Hoon’s “Dream” (“Extreme Work”) tells the story of people trying to take part in the World Cup, an annual international football event. Pak So Jun plays Yun Hong De, a professional footballer on a disciplinary probationary period who becomes the coach of a football team made up of a wide variety of people. АйЮ starring Lee So Ming, a director who is making a documentary about the team. Lee Hyun Woo will also appear in the film as one of the players.

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