Pak Hyun Shik is afraid to admit his feelings Han So Hee in the teaser of the drama “Soundtrack №1”

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“Soundtrack №1” is described as a “musical drama” about a man and a woman who have been best friends for 20 years but are aware of their true feelings for each other when they have to stay in the same house for two weeks. He is the director of the drama Kim Hee Won (“Vincenzo”), and the main roles are played Pak Hyun Shik and Han So Hee. The premiere of the drama will take place at Disney + March 23.

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Pak Hyun Shik plays Han Son Wu, a novice photographer who is reticent but caring and attentive. Han So Hee played by Li Ying Su, who writes lyrics to the songs. She is a cheerful and honest girl who is not afraid to express her opinion.

In a recent teaser, Lee Ying Soo asks Han Son Wu why he can’t admit his feelings to someone he likes, and he replies: “It’s not that I can’t, it’s that I prefer not to.”. She asks: “Because you’re afraid of being rejected?” He answers: “Not because I’m afraid of being rejected, but because I’m afraid of losing her.”

Meanwhile, the signature to the teaser asks a key question: “Friendship between us or love?” Lee Ying Su then signals a change in their comfortable friendship by asking: “Will you stay with me for only two weeks?”

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