Pak Hyun Shik and Han So Hee show off bright chemistry posing on the beach + new styles for the drama “Soundtrack №1”

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“Soundtrack №1” is described as a “musical drama” about a man and a woman who have been best friends for 20 years but are aware of their true feelings for each other when they have to stay in the same house for two weeks. He is the director of the drama Kim Hee Won (“Vincenzo”), and the main roles are played Pak Hyun Shik and Han So Hee. The premiere of the drama will take place on March 23 at Disney +.

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Pak Hyun Shik plays Han Son Wu, a novice photographer who is reticent but caring and attentive. Han So Hee played by Li Ying Su, who writes lyrics to the songs. She is a cheerful and honest girl who is not afraid to express her opinion.

In the recently released styles, Han Son Wu and Lee Ying Su are on the beach. They pose against the blue sky and the sparkling sea. Their relationship, which is something in between love and friendship, is portrayed through their natural touch and facial expressions.

The producers of the drama noted: “Pak Hyun Shik and Han So Hee expressed the relationship between the main characters, who have been best friends for 20 years, with their perfect teamwork and chemistry. This was made possible by the efforts of two actors who always showed attention to each other. When they were together on the set, they laughed incessantly. Please look forward to the premiere of the drama “Soundtrack №1”, which will show the brilliant chemistry between the two actors. “

New styles with main characters have recently been released.

The production team told about the hero Pak Hyun Shika: “Pak Hyun Shik in” Soundtrack №1 “seems indifferent, but in fact he is gentle. He sets the standard for a platonic male friend who has nurtured a sweet and pure love for his girlfriend for 20 years. The branded sweet character of Pak Hyun Shika and the charm of Han Son Wu will unite, which will make Lee Ying Soo’s heart tremble and stir the hearts of many female viewers. Please be very interested and look forward to the drama. ”.

About the heroine Han So Hee the production team said: “Han So Hee will nicely portray the cheerful and honest Lee Ying Soo thanks to his interesting game. In addition, she also plays the role of a “vitamin” on the set. She is attentive and takes care of her colleagues in drama and film crew. Please show great interest and look forward to “Soundtrack №1”, in which you can see the friendly and sweet Han So Hee “.

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