Paintings by the Hermitage and other Russian museums have been detained at the Finnish border. Why and what will happen to them

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Mikhail Shvydkoi, the Russian president’s special envoy for international cultural cooperation, explained the action by EU sanctions. He called the geopolitical situation “quite difficult” and clarified that Russian diplomats and museum leaders are working to resolve the issue.

Shvydkoi hopes that the works will return to Russia. “Today we are doing everything to return these works to Russia. I think that’s how it will be, “- noted he.

Alexander Sholokhov, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Culture, expressed a similar opinion. “The affiliation of these collections is not disputed and cannot be disputed. Moreover, when international exhibition projects are held, it is accompanied by a certain procedure. The procedure includes a guarantee from the government of the party accepting the project that it will be returned, ”he told the radio station.Moscow speaks».

Sholokhov also noted that the Italian exhibitions also included works from private collections, the situation with which may be more complicated. Earlier, the French edition of Marianne in an article about the return of the collection of the Morozov brothers reportedthat state guarantees of return do not apply to works of art belonging to individuals. This was reported by French lawyers specializing in the art market.

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