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Ilya Repin. “Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan November 16, 1581”

Restoration of the painting by Ivan Ilya Repin “Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan on November 16, 1581”, damaged in 2018, has been completed. This was reported on May 19 at the Tretyakov Gallery, reports Interfax.

“During the restoration of the work after the vandal attack on May 25, 2018, the latest materials and technologies in the field of restoration were used, the museum’s specialists developed a number of know-how,” the press service of the Tretyakov Gallery said.

What happened?

The canvas in the Tretyakov Gallery was seriously damaged by 37-year-old Igor Podporin, who came from the Voronezh region. On May 25, 2018, he damaged the glass of the painting with a metal column. The canvas was torn in three places, and the author’s frame was damaged.
Podporin explained that he was “outraged by the content of the painting” because “everything is a lie” on the canvas. The Zamoskvoretsky court sentenced the man in late April 2019 to two and a half years in a penal colony.

A difficult destiny. A brief history of the painting “Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan November 16, 1581”

The painting was painted by Repin in 1883-1885. It was acquired by the founder of the Tretyakov Gallery Pavel Tretyakov from the author of the traveling exhibition. Emperor Alexander III and his conservative entourage did not like the artist’s work. It was banned from showing in April 1885, making it the first painting to be censored in the Russian Empire. The ban was lifted three months later.

More than a century ago, “Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan” were attacked. In 1913, the canvas was hit by three stab wounds by 29-year-old icon painter, Old Believer and son of a major furniture manufacturer Abram Balashov. Then it was necessary to actually restore the faces of the king and prince. Repin himself and the trustee of the Tretyakov Gallery, artist Igor Grabar, took part in the restoration.

In 2013, Orthodox activists demanded that the canvas be removed from the gallery, claiming it was “slanderous” and that there was no evidence that Ivan the Terrible had killed his son.

Loud cases of vandalism in museums in Russia and around the world

On December 7, 2021, in Yekaterinburg, at the exhibition “Peace as Objectlessness” held at the Yeltsin Center, a security guard painted his eyes on the figures in a painting by Malevich’s student Anna Leporskaya. The cost of restoration was estimated at 250 thousand rubles. According to the man, he took the picture for a child’s drawing, and he was allegedly beaten up by a group of teenagers.

In the summer of 1985, in the Hermitage, Rembrandt’s painting Dana was attacked by a man who doused the canvas with sulfuric acid and stabbed him twice. The vandal was a resident of Lithuania Bronius Maigis. He explained the action by political motives. The criminal was sent to compulsory treatment. The restoration was carried out for 13 years, only on October 18, 1998 “Danaya” returned to the exhibition.

On July 17, 1987, Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “St. Anne with Mary, the Infant Christ and John the Baptist” (1497-1499) was shot dead at the National Gallery in London. Striker Robert Cambridge was arrested and declared insane. He carried the weapon in his coat. The bullets stopped the protective glass, but the fragments still severely damaged the picture. Restoration work lasted more than a year, the painting returned to the exhibition in May 1989.

Ilya Repin.
Ilya Repin. “Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan November 16, 1581”

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