“Painful procedure”: Valeria revealed the secret of how to look younger

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Valeria in his 53 years looks at least 20 years younger, and her figure is just like a young girl. And the face shines. By the way, the actress never went under the knife of a plastic surgeon. Valeria maintains her beauty with a beautician.

“SMAS-lifting is a very painful but effective procedure. I do it periodically. A full-fledged alternative to facelift, only without injections. In addition to it, there is also photorejuvenation and plasma therapy (introduction of donor blood under the skin). All on special devices “,

– quotes the singer eg.ru.

The actress has repeatedly admitted that a slender figure is the result of hard work and discipline. Valeria has long been engaged in fitness and yoga, eats properly and does not allow himself too much. Not surprisingly, the actress was able to easily demonstrate phenomenal stretching, easily sat on the longitudinal twine.

And recently Alexander Vasiliev admitted that he admires the form of Valeria. And he said that the reason for that is not only training, but also a very strict diet. So, once the host of the show “Fashion Verdict” was present at a dinner of Valeria and Joseph Prigogine and was amazed at how little Valeria can afford.

“I was at her concert in Svetlogorsk. And everyone in the hall sang to her. Then I had dinner with the singer and her husband… Valeria ate only pineapple, lettuce and steamed vegetables. She told me that a vegetarian, a supporter of health, goes to the gym. And she realizes that her long life on stage depends entirely on her beauty and slenderness, “Vasiliev said in a review for 7Dney magazine.

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