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TV series usually live quite an understandable life. If they are not closed after the first series due to low interest, they can be continued for future seasons – and then released until they get tired of their creators and viewers. Many shows lasted on the air for a very long time, and parting with them was perceived by many as a personal tragedy. For example, the latest episode of the military drama “Devil’s Service at MESH Hospital” (105.9 million) is only slightly inferior to the live broadcast of the moon landing (120 to 150 million worldwide) and is on a par with various “Super Bowls”. and Nixon’s resignation speech (110 million).

Records of foreign TV

There were, of course, other records. The Simpsons has been out for 33 years and is the longest-running animated show in television history. The fantastic “Doctor Who” has been out for almost 60 years, the crime “CSI Crime Scene” has been going on for 15 years and has generated several spin-offs, and “Supernatural” has lasted as long.

But the real records are set by completely different shows – those that are not released in prime time, but in the daytime. For example, in the United States since 1973, the series “Young and daring” – and it has almost 12 thousand series. Soap opera “All My Children” for 41 seasons showed 10,755 episodes. This show was parodied in the animated series “Futurama” called “All my details”. And another “soap” – the series “Guide Light” – began in the 1930s as a radio show, in 1952 switched to teleformat and was closed only in 2009 (18262 series).

And what do we have?

In Russia, of course, there is nothing similar in the number of series yet. Only the program “Good night, kids!” Can be compared to “All my children”, which you can’t take to soap operas if you want to.

But we also have long shows – for example, 16 seasons of “Streets of Broken Lights” have been out for 20 years, and “Secrets of Investigation” have been running since 2001 – the 21st season of this series was recently released.

Domestic prime-time series are about 300 to 600 series for the entire time of release. For example, “Happy Together” is 365 episodes in 6 seasons, “Daddy’s Daughter” – 410 in 20 seasons (they came out in 7 years), “Crows” – 552 in 24 seasons (and 10 years on air), “Soldiers” »With spin-offs – 629 series. “Streets of Broken Lanterns” has released half a thousand series, broken into 16 seasons. However, we also have rivals of “Santa Barbara” (2137 episodes in 9 years), but most often they are broadcast not in prime, but in the daytime.

“Return of Mukhtar”, 990 series, (12 seasons, 2004-2019)

In fact, this series, which aired on “Russia-1” and then on NTV, consists of several consecutive shows. Actually, “The Return of Mukhtar” is the first season. Then for a long time there was a series “Return of Mukhtar 2”, and the last two seasons were released under the name “Mukhtar: New Trail”. But in any case, it is a free sequel to the Soviet film “To me, Mukhtar”, and the main characters in it were employees of the Moscow OMVD “Shchukino” and their service dog nicknamed Mukhtar. This dog, by the way, was played by 17 different dogs at once.

“Detectives”, 2090 series (since 2006)

This series was shot in the genre of “series” (series + reality) and is an adaptation of the concept of “Private detectives”. The main characters – Igor Lukin and Alexey Nasonov (they play under their own names), two retired police majors who opened a private detective agency. For several years, Detectives aired on Channel One, then moved to Channel Five; twice this show was nominated for TEFI.

“Trace”, 2705 series (since 2007)

This is a full-fledged detective series, an adaptation of “CSI: Crime Scene” to Russian (albeit relatively Russian) realities. The plot revolves around a certain Federal Expert Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, which is armed with the latest advances in science and technology and uses them to catch criminals and prove their guilt. The series also aired for several years on the First, and in 2011 moved to “Fifth Channel”; he does not plan to end yet.

Kulagin and Partners, 3000 (possibly), 2004-2013, 2021

The TV series of Russia-1 TV channel, shot on a mix of genres – there are both game moments and documentary reconstruction. Soviet and Russian actor of theater and cinema, People’s Artist of the RSFSR gave his last name to this show Leonid Kulagin. He played the owner of a law firm, a former FSB employee who faces various crimes and helps restore justice. The game series “Big Kulagin” was also released, and at the end of 2021 the channel “Russia-1” showed the series “Kulagin”, in which the real Kulagin returned to his iconic role.

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