Oscar winner Asgar Farhadi found guilty of plagiarism of the idea of ​​the film “Hero”

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An Iranian court has found director Asgar Farhadi, a two-time Oscar winner, guilty of plagiarizing the idea of ​​the film “Hero.” About this reports The Hollywood Reporter.

According to media reports, former film school student Farhadi Azade Masihzadeh accused the director of stealing the idea and concept of her documentary All Winners All Losers, made during her studies. On April 5, a court in Tehran found the filmmaker guilty of violating the girl’s copyright and plagiarizing key elements of the film without mentioning Masihzadeh as a co-author. According to the publication, the court’s decision cannot be appealed.

The punishment for Farhadi will be determined later in the “second criminal court”, according to in words his lawyer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the director may be required to donate “all proceeds from showing the film in cinemas or online” to Azad Masihzadeh or even send him to prison. The premiere of the film took place last year at the Cannes Film Festival, the film was awarded the Grand Prix of the jury. The film grossed about $ 2.5 million worldwide.

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The film “Hero” tells the story of a convicted man named Rahim, who gets the opportunity to get out of prison for a few days to visit loved ones. Arriving at a family reunion, he learns that his girlfriend accidentally found a bag of gold coins. Rahim decides to return the bag to the owner, instead of paying his debt with coins. Previous edition reportedthat the man, who was inspired by the image of the protagonist, also sued Farhadi, accusing the director of slander.

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