Orbakayte revealed the truth about life with Pugacheva: “Everything is on schedule”

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The celebrity admitted that her mother and grandmother did not let her sit idle.

Singer Christina Orbakayte has been in the public eye since childhood. And this is not surprising, because the mother of the artist Alla Pugacheva – Diva of the domestic stage.

The celebrity decided to follow in the footsteps of her famous mother, however, initially began to develop not a musical but an acting career. The actress also danced – in general, did not sit idle. According to Christina, her mother and grandmother insisted on this.

Orbakayte recently gave an interview in which she revealed the truth about life with Pugacheva. The star admitted that she was treated severely and did not give concessions. As a child, the girl attended English, music and ballet schools. However, Christina does not complain and emphasizes that it hardened her.

“I’ve known all my life that everything should be clear, on schedule,” the artist summed up in an interview with the editor-in-chief of the publication.Home Hearth».

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