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In the book search and booking service “Libraries of Moscow” a new section “I’m reading now” has appeared on the portal. It displays all editions that are in the user’s hands. You can also extend the storage period of the book here without additional access to the library.

“If the reader does not have time to come to the library by the appointed date and he needs more time, he can further extend the shelf life of the book. This will require a few simple steps in the service “Library of Moscow”. You do not need to wait for confirmation from the library – the extension will happen automatically, “he said Eugene KozlovFirst Deputy Chief of Staff of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow.

The return period of books can be increased by 10 days. To do this, in the reader’s office you will need to go to the “Reading now” section, select the required edition and click on the “Extend” button. This is allowed no more than twice.

To use the book search and booking service of the Moscow Library, you will need a standard or full account on, as well as a single reader’s ticket (ECB).

You can book books online. To do this, open the “Services” section of the portal mos.rugo to the category “Culture, sports and recreation” and choose “Libraries of Moscow. Book search and booking service ».

Search for the required publications is available by title, author, publisher and other parameters. The service will display on the map all the libraries that have the necessary books. The addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours of the reading rooms will appear on the screen, as well as the number of books available for online booking.

After selecting the appropriate library, enter the number of the single reader’s ticket and click on the “Book” button. When the order is collected and ready for delivery, the user will receive a notification in the reader’s office. Books must be picked up within three days.

The “Library of Moscow” service also has a “Favorites” section. You can add your favorite books here to book later. In addition, the service will recommend new books in libraries and offer thematic selections. They are published on the main page.

You can learn how to create an account on the portal and increase its status here. It will help to issue a single reader’s ticket instruction.

The service for searching and booking books of the “Library of Moscow” appeared on the portal in April this year. It is connected to a single automated library information system (ABIS) and allows you to search and book books online.

In the month since the launch of the service, about 3,200 books have been booked with its help. Works by Boris Akunin, Yevgeny Vodolazkin, Fredrik Buckman, Jordan Belfort, Dina Rubina, Marina Stepnova, Gregory David Roberts and Jerome Salinger are popular with readers. Users also often took works by Russian classics – Leo Tolstoy, Mikhail Bulgakov, Alexander Pushkin, Ivan Turgenev and Fyodor Tyutchev.

The unified automated library system is a joint project of the capital’s Department of Information Technology and the Department of Culture. All libraries in Moscow are connected to it. The ABIS e-catalog has over 13 million copies.

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