on Harry Potter Day collected 5 books that are not worse than the story of the boy wizard

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Russian works are not so popular, but no less interesting.

Today, May 2, fans from around the world celebrate the International Day of Harry Potter – the famous boy wizard who survived a fight with the strongest dark wizard Voldemort. A series of novels about magic, written by British writer Joan Rowling, quickly gained popularity and won the love of fans around the world. The Harry Potter saga is perhaps the most popular children’s book on magic, but it is certainly not the only one. We have selected for you 5 books by Russian authors that are no worse than a British work.

The first book about a boy wizard with a lightning scar on his forehead was published in 1997. Instantly she had fans, who were called potteromans. Each book told about the events that happened to the heroes during the school year. Fans grew up with the guys from the fairy tale. In the end, the same boy wizard, who turned into a strong good magician, defeats the main villain Voldemort. Good triumphs over evil, but at the cost of the lives of many good heroes who died in the great battle of wizards. At the behest of Joan Rowling, the victory of light over darkness takes place on May 2.

There are rumors among fans that the 75th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, has become an ardent Potter fan. And he also “blessed” the Potter novels for the holiday.

– We have decided to officially declare May 2 as an international holiday, in honor of the date when the main character of the Rowling books Harry Potter struck Lord Voldemort. We hope that children and adults will remember the strong and courageous character of Harry Potter on this day, as well as what Rowling did for society, – as if Cameron said.

In fact, there is no evidence that the former prime minister spoke about it, as in principle, that the words were said. However, Harry’s fans do not mind raising their wands in honor of the fallen heroes of the book every May 2.

Harry Potter books really speak of the good and eternal, immersing the young reader in the wonderful world of magic. Maybe that’s why they’re so popular. But they are certainly not the only ones worthy of the attention of children and adolescents. Russian authors also create fairy-tale worlds and works that can be read with gusto.

Evgeny Gagloev “Mirrors”

Evgeny Gagloev is a young author who was shortlisted for the New Children’s Book contest. “Mirror” is a saga about the inseparable connection of two worlds located on this and that side of the mirror. The mysterious land of the Mirror, located between different universes and controlled by ancient mirror magic. The heroes of the book are Russian teenagers. They get into the mirror world, fight with local monsters and find out how and why the main character’s parents disappeared. Evgeny Gagloev’s teenage fantasy saga is so successful that it has grown into seven novels and acquired the optional parallel work Heirs.

Ekaterina Sobol “Donors”

Ekaterina Sobol is a Moscow writer, linguist and teacher, winner of the 2015 New Children’s Book literary competition. “Donors” is a classic fantasy that will appeal to both adults and teenagers. The inhabitants of the Magic Kingdom received various gifts, but suddenly their talents ran out. A 16-year-old teenager decides to return the magic, but at first he can’t decide whether he is on the side of good or on the side of evil. At the same time, he himself is endowed with a terrible gift – to destroy everything he touches.

Dorofey Larichev “Pilgrims”

Dorofeya Laricheva is a Russian fantasy writer, winner of the literary competitions “New Children’s Book”, “Living Spring”, “Oak Leaves”. Her series of books “Pilgrims” is a series of fantasy novels for children. The heroine of “Pilgrims”, a teenage girl from the future, decided to escape to another world and live in another body to get away from their problems, familiar to every teenager. In a parallel universe, the girl finds not only a new body, but also a lot of trouble that she has to deal with.

Larisa Telyatnikova, Maria Bykova “Luck loves redheads”

Larisa Telyatnikova, Maria Bykova – Russian writers, mother and daughter, who create their works, so-called, in four hands. He co-authored with his mother Larisa Telyatnikova. “Luck loves redheads” is a magical trilogy with a confusing plot and dynamically developing events. Red orphan Yalga – enters the Academy of Magical Arts. Lectures and workshops, cramming and training – her life is not easy to call now. But at the same time it becomes rich and interesting – especially with the talent of the heroine to get involved in various stories.

Sergey Lukyanenko “School Supervision”

Sergei Lukyanenko is a Russian science fiction writer. In the new project “Patrols” he acts as a co-author. The new “Patrols” are in a way a continuation of the old stories. The books of the new cycle tell about how the story of the Night and Day Watch began. But the main characters of the cycle are now children. Others, who do not believe in prophecy and cannot decide, are on the side of good or evil. Throughout the book, they have to make the only right choice, on which the fate of the whole world will depend.

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