Omsk refinery supported an educational project to create a unique collection of children’s books –

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The library consists of informative children’s literature about nature, space, history and outstanding people of Russia.

A mobile library of rare books for children has appeared in the city of Omsk. The Literary Express project won the grant competition for social initiatives of the Omsk Oil Refinery within the framework of Gazprom Neft’s Hometown Program. With the grant funds, the authors of the project purchased more than 500 art and encyclopedic publications with elements of augmented reality technologies. The books will be successively placed in ten Omsk libraries from remote districts of the city.

«Omsk Oil Refinery annually supports the best social initiatives in the field of education. Thanks to the company, a modern educational environment is being formed in the city, which motivates children to constantly improve their knowledge. Having interested the guys today, we will be able to further orient them to get the professions in demand in our region“, – the vice-the mayor of Omsk Inna ELETSKAYA told.

Readers of their libraries. HA. Vyatkina, them. M. Gorky, them. A. Gaidar, “Reader”, them. A.P. Chekhov, them. A.F. Palashenkova, them. M.Yu. Lermontov, them. Vera Chaplina, them. O. Koshevogo, “Zaozernaya” during the year will be able to get acquainted with the unique book collection. The library consists of informative children’s literature about nature, space, history and outstanding people of Russia. Interactive editions are equipped with sound modules and tactile elements. A feature of the collection are rare photographic books, the characters of which “come to life” when flipping through the layers of images. The movement of the Literary Express around the city and the schedule of stops can be tracked on an interactive map. After the completion of the project, the books will replenish the city’s library fund.

«Omsk Refinery is a socially oriented enterprise. We support socially significant projects in the field of education, culture, health, sports. With the help of effective social investments, ONPZ consistently improves the quality of life in the region. This work is aimed at creating optimal conditions for self-realization and development of the potential of the younger generation“, – said the General Director of the Omsk Refinery Oleg Belyavsky.

The company traditionally supports social initiatives aimed at creating conditions for the comprehensive development of children and youth. ONPZ updates libraries, institutions of additional education, equips classrooms in schools.

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