Omarov spoke for the first time about the conflict between Borodina and Buzova

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The TV presenter’s ex-husband does not want to get into women’s fights.

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Kurban Omarov went to Italy with his new lover Anastasia Kudryashova, the wife of a football player of the Russian national football team.

While the couple stormed Milan’s fashion boutiques and enjoyed the beauties of the city, the followers literally bombarded the businessman with questions. They were worried about what he thought about his ex-wife’s conflict Ksenia Borodina with Olga Buzova. Kurban couldn’t stand it and gave his brief comment on Instagram.

“Firstly, this situation does not concern me at all, and secondly, the concepts do not allow me to get into women’s fights. There, all the adults will figure it out for themselves, they can’t get used to it. True, there is one “but”: I am calm while my daughter is happy. Otherwise, the source of the negative will be suppressed. So be careful with her and her surroundings, “Omarov said.

Let’s remind, the other day Olga Buzova spoke harshly against Ksenia Borodina, recalling all the past grievances at “House-2”. Beard did not remain silent. The TV star told how Buzova “walked on their heads” for personal gain.

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