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Omarov praised Ivan Urgant’s “vacation”: “I’m sure that the guy in the topic, he would not return to the bad”

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In mid-March, Ivan Urgant left the country, but promised to return. Then the TV presenter explained to the fans that he was going on vacation: “Don’t panic, and I’ll take it and come back soon.” Ivan kept his promise. The day before it became known about the return of the star. This was announced by his father Andrei Urgant. According to the actor, the celebrity is in Moscow with his family. Earlier, Urgant Sr. was outraged by the accusations against his son. He confidently stated that Ivan had no plans to leave his homeland.

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Kurban Omarov, Ksenia Borodina’s ex-husband, hastened to return the audience’s favorite. By the way, the businessman has recently reformatted his social networks and replaced the entertainment lifestyle with current topics. Celebrity is closely monitoring not only the political situation in Russia, but in the world as a whole. He does not ignore Omarov and many celebrities who, at a difficult time for the country, are removed and go abroad. For example, he had previously condemned Ksenia Sobchak’s departure from Russia. In addition, in the microblog, the author urges to recheck various articles, not to be led to provocations and fakes.

“I advise you not to hurry with the conclusions, public some harsh remarks. But to study, read carefully and analyze is very important now, “said Kurban.

The businessman was happy with the news about Urgant, and saw a positive side in his arrival in Moscow.

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“Well, the migratory birds have begun to return. I think this is a good sign. And whatever feelings overwhelm us now, let’s see the positive in everything. I’m sure the guy in the topic and the bad he would not return. So, everything will be fine. Thank you, Vanya! ”Omarov wrote in the Telegram channel.

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