Omarov does not understand why Urgant was going to emigrate

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The blogger reminded that Russians have been actively supporting the TV presenter all these years.

Ivan Urgant. Photo: Global Look Press

Ksenia Sobchak’s ex-husband Kurban Omarov learned that the TV presenter Ivan Urgant allegedly sells his property – a country mansion and apartments in the capital. According to rumors, the showman was going to emigrate to Israel.

This caused Omarov to misunderstand. The blogger wrote in his Telegram that Urgant would be very necessary now for the country and its people as support, a kind of example of resilience and hope. After all, all these years before the Ukrainian events, it was people who gave him such support.

“Of course, there is no smoke without fire. I do not understand at all, why such an escape? What kind of fear is driving you out of here? Or have you always kept that in mind? ” The blogger thought.

Omarov himself stressed that he did not understand what it meant to take and leave the homeland – neither he nor his relatives, the man admits, never had the idea to leave. By the way, Urgant was already “on the run.” At the end of February, he fled to Israel with his family, where, by the way, many domestic celebrities flew.

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