Olya Polyakova: “I wrote to Polina Gagarina” rest in peace “. She died for me! ”

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Olya Polyakova ran into Polina Gagarin because she is silent on social networks and does not express her position on the political situation.

“None of these wonderful friends wrote to me. No one asked how I, like my children, was safe. No man! That’s why I didn’t write to anyone or convince anyone. All these people know what’s going on. And God is their judge! ” – said 43-year-old Polyakova.

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The actress is so angry at her colleagues on stage that she told them terrible things. For example, Olya almost buried Gagarin… “These are holes in Russian show business … People like Polina. I don’t understand – maybe they took her children hostage, maybe during that performance at the stadium (the artist talks about the concert in “Luzhniki”) approx. StarHita) wanted to cut off the handles and legs of her children. Such a talented man laid his talent on the altar of evil. To be honest, I wrote her a personal message: “Rest in peace.” Well, there are still “good” words. She died for me, “said the singer in the program” Star Trek “on the channel” Ukraine “.

Olya Polyakova is furious over the behavior of Russian stars

Olya Polyakova is furious over the behavior of Russian stars

This is not the first scandal involving Polyakova. Last year, the singer accused Konstantin Meladze of harassment. The actress said that the producer offered her intimacy in exchange for promotion.

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“I received such an offer from this man. Lucky or unlucky – we will never know, because it is customary to remain silent about such things. In general, the topic of harassment is not considered reprehensible. This is the norm. Well, the man offered the woman intimacy for some promotion. Well, well done, ”the blonde was indignant.

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