Olga Zarubina is delighted with the events in her personal life

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The actress was inspired.

Singer Olga Zarubina did not hide her preparations for the wedding, but the 63-year-old bride did not reveal the name of her lover.

The actress fell ill with covid last year and is still coping with its consequences. But the new love led to drastic changes in her life.

The singer fell in love, but did not share the details of the new novel, promising to tell everything to his fans a little later. With the appearance of her beloved Zarubin, she rediscovered all her talents, because it is not for nothing that they say that love works wonders.

Zarubina has been married three times already. The first husband was the singer Alexander Malinin, the couple had a daughter Kira. The singer divorced her last husband, a former member of the band “Laskovy May” in 2015. Until recently, her heart was free.

“I have a really amazing time right now. I started writing poems, scripts, ”Zarubina admitted in a conversation with “Interlocutor”.

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