Olga Buzova went to the stripper

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The star tried to add the ability to undress effectively to her singing talent. It didn’t work out.

Olga Buzova is trying to expand her horizons – she was a singer, actress in Hollywood movies, TV presenter and theater actress, but she did not have to dance on the pole. Until yesterday.

“Body plasticity is developing, and the sexuality that every woman has is coming out! I solve so many men’s issues that many men blur the line. We are equal. But “the woman with the eggs” or “the man in the skirt” is something I would not want to come to! ” – Olya explains her awkward striptease on the blog.

Secular gossip Lena Miro explained to Buzova why all her attempts to be sexual come to naught – Olenka simply lacks sparks.

“Buzova, come here. I will teach. Remember: sexuality is not in every woman. You are a clear example of that. Whatever you do, you have no sexuality. Even if you open your mouth with filler, even if you dress in all red and horrible, even if you scatter sewn patlas with waves, you are antisex, ”Miro grinned in person. site.

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