Olga Buzova showed a universal outfit of the most fashionable color of the season

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The TV presenter decided to promote her clothing brand against the background of the departure of foreign brands from Russia.

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Olga Buzova is a famous TV presenter. She has been building a career in TV for more than 15 years, and she also enjoys not only leading shows, but also performing on stage. Olga often appears in public, so she tries to look flawless.

She always takes suitcases with clothes on trips or filming. Usually images to her too selected by stylists. But a few years ago she created her own clothing brand.

Olga was usually happy when she was given a Louis Vuitton bag or a Prada outfit. However, recently due to sanctions in Russia was closed many luxury brand stores. The TV presenter was not upset.

Moreover, she assures that she no longer wants to see foreign brands that have left. The day before, in the Kremlin, Buzova showed off in a sports suit with an original ultramarine style. The hoodie is presented with a wide collar and an open shoulder.

Olga Buzova. Photo:

“The photo shows a very cool sports suit of the fashionable color of the season, with a lowered shoulder, the same black, and I still wear khaki for the second year,” said the star.

She also noted that the prices for fabrics have risen, but the singer does not intend to raise prices in her store. Fans noted that the TV presenter decided to promote her brand in time. But some subscribers have assured that the prices for clothes of her brand are not very low. There were also those who considered the styles obsolete.

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