Olga Buzova is in flight again: her younger sister beat the TV presenter

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The sisters always competed with each other.

Olga Buzova could never boast of a close relationship with her younger sister Anna. Girls always disliked each other and competed with each other. But if Olga managed to make a dizzying career, then Anna was more successful in the family business.

The girl has been happily married for several years to businessman Konstantin Shtrykin. Anna admits that she was very lucky. Periodically, there are even joint photos with the future mother-in-law.

But Olga’s personal life is cracking at the seams. Behind the singer has several marriages, and none of them was destined to be successful, he said The fifth channel.

Buzova herself admits that she is in no hurry to get the crown and still hopes to meet her man.

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