Olesya Zheleznyak, who has many children, has revealed a terrible secret

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The film actress could not hide her problems.

The star of the comedy “Silver Lily” admitted to austerity.

Four children in a family is not a joke for you. So the actress has to save every penny. Younger children wear clothes for older ones, and the extras are in question.

Husband’s husband, actor Spartak Sumchenko smiles bitterly.

“Nothing brings a man and a woman closer than a mortgage,” the man said on the show. “Secret of a Million” on NTV.

Lovers have been together for 20 years and children are growing up. At one point, the actors made a choice in favor of real estate, with an area of ​​170 square meters. Now they are paying for it, ten more years ahead.

One trip to the store costs a large family seven thousand rubles. You have to work hard. The actress is not making plans for the distant future, not before. I would rather pay for housing and feed my husband and children.

“We live today, despite the fact that we have so many children,” the actress admitted on the show “Secret of a Million” on NTV.

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