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Oleg Gazmanov’s humiliated wife made an important statement

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Oleg Gazmanov’s wife threatened her abusers

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Oleg Gazmanov’s family is going through difficult times. A hunt for a singer has been announced in Ukraine. He was arrested in absentia by a Ukrainian court on charges of encroaching on Ukraine’s territorial integrity. The artist and his relatives began to receive threats. The star’s wife Marina Gazmanova made an important statement in this regard.

Oleg Gazmanov always positioned himself as a patriot of the country. The singer of the hit “Officers” fully supported Vladimir Putin’s initiative for a special operation in Ukraine. But not everyone agrees with the artist. In recent days, he and his family subjected to severe harassment.

The star’s wife spoke openly about the attacks. “I’m tired of that insult and persecute my family, my friends, people close to me. I will stand up for my relatives, I will be a reliable rear for my husband, whether I agree with him or not, for my son and daughter, to protect me from attacks and lies, I will do a lot, “she said.

The beautiful Marina is forced to close her blog “because of the total attack of bots on people’s minds and souls.” “I took you and your light with me. My eyes began to suffer from system mailings, degrading my human dignityspreading slander and inciting mental warfare between us. I have decided to temporarily suspend the issuance of visas to my country Gazmania, “the woman wrote.

Then she threatened the villains. “In time, I will clean up those who got on board my ark as an uninvited guest. You will be found and swept away,” said the musician’s lover.

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