Old? Madonna finally dismissed her young boyfriend

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The pop star has returned to the status of a free woman.

Madonna broke off a relationship with Ahlamalik Williams, who is 35 years younger than the American pop diva. The 63-year-old singer and 28-year-old dancer have been together for almost four years, but now sad rumors of a breakup have been confirmed.

As he told the publication The Sun insider, the celebrities parted on a friendly note. They maintained a warm relationship, but their interests did not coincide. And the difference in age does not matter, says the source. The celebrities spent many happy days together, went on tour for several months, but now they have nothing in common. The singer is not discouraged, she intends to focus on career and family.

Earlier, Madonna had hinted at parting. She published a post on social networks, in which she noted that, despite the pain, she is ready to release her lover. All photos of Williams later disappeared from her account.

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