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Okhlobystin reported to the departed Dapkunaite: “She ate from our hands, sprat”

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Actor Ivan Okhlobystin harshly criticized the 59-year-old Soviet, British, Lithuanian and Russian actress Ingeborg Dapkunaite for leaving for Europe after the start of a special operation by Russia in Ukraine. Earlier, Dapkunaite, who was engaged in performances at the Moscow Theater of Nations, said she left Russia and arrived in Brussels, where her family, sister and mother are.

Okhlobystin wrote in his VKontakte account that Dapkunaite was building her career in Russia and left at the first opportunity.

“Another sprat has fallen. And thank God!” Okhlobystin wrote, adding that it was always difficult for him to pronounce the name of the Baltic actress, and it was always clear from her face that “she is not equal to us.” Okhlobystin added that he considered this “madamka” very “arrogant”.

“She ate from our hands, but flatly refused the tray,” the actor wrote.

Okhlobystin praised Dmitry Nagiyev, who continues to work in Russia. He called it “ours before the convulsion.” And those colleagues who left, Okhlobystin considers “shusheroy.”

“Cold-blooded Svidos!” Okhlobystin addressed the departed artists.

It will be recalled that Ingeborga Dapkunaite managed to work in theaters in Lithuania, Vienna and London. In Russia, she collaborated with the Theater of Nations. On Russian television, Dapkunaite was the host of the Russian version of the reality show “Big Brother” on TNT, a participant in the project “Stars on Ice”, in the finals of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, held in Russia, announced points.

She became widely known while starring in Russia in such films as “Intergirl”, “Tired of the Sun”, TV series “Heavenly Court”, “Unprincipled”.

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