“Oh, God, what a man!” From whom Natalie gave birth to a son and why she lost her daughter

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“I came to show business as a classic provincial. The girl from Nizhny Novgorod was among the celebrities. I remember sitting behind the scenes, waiting for the exit to sing “The wind blew from the sea.” Yuri Antonov approaches and slaps me on the knee: “Why do you, Natasha, eat such garbage ?!” He and I chatted, and I realized that the stars are ordinary people, ”Natalie recalled.

A lot of water has flowed since then, but even today listeners do not forget the bright blonde. On March 31, Natalie turns 48, and it’s time to remember her path to success.

The first hit

Natalia Minyaeva was born in Dzerzhinsk in the family of the deputy chief power engineer of the plant and an employee of the chemical plant. Four years later, the future singer had a brother and sister – twins Olesya and Anton. The latter also went into show business, taking the pseudonym Max Volga.

Parents could be proud of their excellent daughter: Natasha not only studied well, but also had exemplary behavior, and was also fond of playing the piano and guitar. At 16, his brother-drummer brought Minyaev to VIA “Chocolate Bar”. Then the singer moved to the group “Pop Galaxy”, which included covers of foreign artists and wrote their own songs.

Before graduating from school, Natasha recorded two cassette albums at a provincial studio. The initiator was Alexander Rudin, who saw in the girl’s talent. The young people met at a rock festival and have not parted since: in 1991, Natalia married Alexander.

“I have been looking for a husband since I was 13, because I dreamed of having children. The guys cared for me a lot, but no one was suitable for a serious relationship. Then I met Sasha and realized: this is my man, “- shared the artist with” StarHit “.

In the year of the wedding, Natalia entered a pedagogical school, and later became a primary school teacher. Her life could have turned out differently if her husband had not taken up the promotion of a talented chosen one. It was Rudin who approached the Moscow producer Valery Ivanov and initiated the move to the capital.

In 1994, Natalie released the album “The Little Mermaid” and began performing in the warm-up of the stars. The tracks “Pink Dawn” and “Snow Rose” did not bring the artist deafening success, but the song “Wind from the sea blew” became a hit. However, there was a scandal around the hit: the vocalist said that she sang the song from the time of the pioneer camps, and its author is unknown. Due to the hype surrounding the single, dozens of people called producer Natalia, claiming that they had created the work.

Between career and home

The authorship was legally confirmed by Elena Sokolskaya, but, in any case, for the people, “The wind blew from the sea” became Natalia’s calling card. Interest in the singer’s work has increased sharply, so the hit was followed by singles “Clouds”, “Reader”, “Turtle”. Until 2012, the actress could not repeat the success of the first hit, although she did not give up her career. Wasn’t it related to the family situation?

“The first nine years of marriage she could not bear a child, she suffered two miscarriages. I was depressed and depressed. There was no feeling of full life – everything seemed to pass by. But one day I learned that the relics of the healer Panteleimon had been brought to the temple of Christ the Savior. And I realized – I have to go, stood in line for six hours. And a month later I felt that a new life was being born in me, ”the artist shared.

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In 2001, the singer gave birth to a son, Arseny. During her pregnancy, she gained 20 kilograms by leaning on rolls, but quickly dropped the excess, returning to proper nutrition and active activities. In 2010, Natalie gave her second child, Anatoly. Well, two years later, the celebrity blew up the charts with the single “Oh, God, what a man!”

“My sister and I have two sons, and we really want girls. Here are the words about the daughter in the soul and lit up! The star admitted. – The text was composed by Rosa Siemens, she sent it along with other verses to many performers. When I received a letter from her, I did not think that I would return to the stage with new songs. But these lines struck me – I wrote the music in an hour. “

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Let’s note that Natalie’s new success did not please everyone, because Valery Ivanov, who has long since turned from the current producer of the star to the former, said he intends to demand money from the singer through the courts. The media manager said that he broke up with his ward not on a friendly note, but also that he owns the rights to the stage name of the actress. In addition, Ivanov claimed that he had invested a tidy sum in the promotion of the singer, but never received dividends …

In 2013, the hit brought the singer a “Golden Gramophone” and the RU.TV award in the category “Sometimes they come back”. Indeed, it was wrong to call Natalie the star of the ’90s now. Especially since in 2014 she was already collecting awards for the single “Nikolai”, performed in a duet with Baskov, well, in 2016 she received a nomination for collaboration with MC Doni.

Frozen pregnancy

On the show

On the show “Exactly” Natalie was transformed into CC Catch, Christina Orbakayte and Nadezhda Kadysheva

The blonde with the appearance of Barbie shone on the show “Exactly” and released single after single, but it was only one side of fame. In 2017, Natalie gave birth to a third son, Eugene, and fans congratulated her on the title of mother of many children, not suspecting that the star could have four heirs. A year after Zhenya’s birth, the singer confessed to Lera Kudryavtseva that immediately after the triumph of the track “Oh, God, what a man!” learned about pregnancy.

The actress was sure that she was expecting a girl, as sung in her new hit. Right on tour, the star’s health deteriorated sharply, and she went to the clinic. Doctors sadly reported that the singer has a frozen pregnancy.

don’t miss itNatalie lost her third child

“The term was two and a half months, an inanimate fruit. Terrible news… There was nowhere to pull, blood infection could start. When I went to this forced abortion, I called my mother and sister and asked, “Pray for me.” I thought I was going to die. I very much apologized to the child, “said the actress in the program” Secret of a Million “on NTV.

As in all previous times, when the star had a miscarriage, she was very supported by her husband. When the singer came to terms with the loss and promised not to blame herself for success and for not saving the baby, she managed to get pregnant and bear a child. For the third time, the actress became a mother at 43, which seemed like a miracle, given the former problems with conception.

“Every child is a separate story. Sasha never asked for heirs. When the first one was born, he didn’t even think there could be more, because he is the only one in the family, so selfish. Now three sons – so it turned out, I somehow persuaded him. Each time he made round eyes: “Where from?” And all children are very similar to him. Well, as an adult, I can say: the more a woman likes herself, the more she manages to interest a man, ”Natalie shared the secrets of a happy marriage.

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According to the singer, not only religiosity but also esotericism helps to save the family from trouble. The star of “Battle of Psychics” Victoria Raidos once warned the actress that her son could be seriously injured because of the red bicycle. At first, the vocalist only smiled in response to the prediction, knowing that such a sports projectile is not at home. When she returned from the playground, Natalie was horrified to find that her parents had given her children … a red bicycle. The singer got rid of the present, making sure that real mediums exist.

New losses

It seemed that the black stripe was over, and the star plunged into a happy family life. Trouble knocked on the door in the summer of 2020, when the singer’s father died. “Celebrated my 70th birthday in February! And the other day he left us … My brother Maxim made a touching video. A large family, of course, is easier to bear the loss … We grieve. Children, wife, grandchildren … Beloved … “- complained the artist in the microblog.

By the way, about relatives: back in 2014, Natalie’s brother Anton gave an interview about the conflict with the star. The man claimed that Alexander Rudin had set his sister against him. They say that in fact Rudin has always lived at the expense of Natalia, although she owes the promotion not to her husband, but to Valery Ivanov, and Anton Minyaev got for the revelations – relatives criticized him for trying to sing and talk about family affairs on TV.

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Last January, the conflict between brother and sister continued. “I don’t know why she doesn’t communicate with me,” Anton was indignant in the “Stars Met” program on NTV. – That’s what happened. I love and adore my sister. At a distance, love is even stronger. She and I did not swear. It turned out that at one stage of creativity I went to one program and said something. She was offended by something. I do not consider myself guilty. But if I offended her, let her forgive me. “

Beauty secrets

The main idea that fans have when watching photos and videos with the star – that she drank the elixir of youth. After all, you can’t give 48 slender Natalie, who collects thousands of likes for pictures in swimsuits.

“I” did “only the chest and lips. The main secret of my youth is in the way of thinking, – Natalie said 11 years ago. – The mistake of people is that they have a bad opinion of themselves. They eat and think: “This cake will be laid on the thighs.” And I love my body, I even talk to it. For example, every day I stroke my feet with the words: “How beautiful and long you are to me!” And they become like that! Plus I’m eating right. “

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Later, other procedures were added to the arsenal, which Natalie did not hesitate to talk about. “After the first birth, I lost weight and my skin sagged a bit. Then for the first time I went to a beautician. Now everything is easier: once – and thread, once – and Botox. Fascinating game. So I have been visiting my specialist since I was 29 years old. I don’t even bother where it sticks, whether it’s right, – the singer noted. – I catch myself thinking: before, when I looked at 45-year-olds, they seemed like grandmothers. Now I think: oh, so young. The soul does not age – a lot of energy, strength.

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